Desperate soul


Her Feminine soul depressed.

Mind puzzled;
She had her friends in the phone, but
Solutions to take her own
she still fake a smile to parents
But Part of heart left her alone

Sleeping pill added to her daily dairy writings;
She make new friends on the go, her whole new life needs them to fade the past.

She never knew her fingers smells cigarettes just to forget her past atleast to the dawn.

She takes peeps to the whole,
But they wrap her a whore.

She’s genius in her world hiding stuffed huge dusk of weep behind her eyes.

Candle light dinner.

Colleagues Talking:
Let’s party, will worry later about works,
Do we have time for it?! will plan and let’s get lost somwhere in Goa.
Me(Joey): You guys really kidding me are you serious?!
we were eager,For the date.
Colleagues started their packing, but shards in my brain to convince self as am single to visit Goa.
They were on their plans as partners to visit.
I’ve started and we gathered to move as per the plan.
I was sitting in the last window seat, jus remembering those college days that I could never get back.
was feeling something I have had to take home from Goa.
I checked into a couple room, no reasons on offering that to me went to palolem beach in the evening to watch the sunset, left my friends with their friends. .
I heard a voice from my back. fell into my dreams watching the sunset. Feeling those waves passing the feet felt someone watching me.
Sat to watch the view.
turned to my room after a couple of hours.
It’s morning got morning wishes from an unknown on a bouquet.
I was roaming to handover the thing to staff and not to waste someone’s date at my room’s front door. .
I felt like following by someone again and heard laughing behind.
staff had no idea about the bouquet.
I explored the local street shops whole the road was rush and I felt like lonely still. I stood at a store saw a shirt, someone randomly selected me to pick a card from packs.
Ive no idea I got a free ticket for silent pub,
yet to enter in the pub but I saw someone stopped the singles entering.
ive been called by a lady got a free ticket from the same was waiting for me to join and enter.
She introduced self and as usual me, she got the drinks and saying about her past,indeed a good company and we’re high.
she took me to my room and began to explain things that she knew me before and followed me all the way to propose, explained about her past. She surprised me with the shirt I saw. .
candle light dinners are soo pleasent to make it a pleasant date. And she’s my morning coffee to woke up with.

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